Crafting Pillar mod

This mod adds a fancy way of doing regular Minecraft tasks:
Fully Multiplayer compatible
Uses Forge
Other players see what you are doing without opening a GUI
You interact with the block directly (without a GUI). It makes more natural to craft, etc.

You can place items to slots by Right Clicking
You can retrieve items from slots by Shift + Right Clicking with an empty hand
You can get the result/output by Left Clicking
You can get every item from the output by Shift + Left Clicking
Toggle numbers/texts by Right Clicking on the Sides
In Creative: Blocks don't break when Shift + Left Clicked!
The 1.7 version is still in beta!
Backup your world before updating!
We couldn't update some pillars due to the massive changes in Vanilla code

More info about the CraftingPillars API on the MinecraftForum:

Install Forge 953 or above for the appropriate mod version
Download this mod and place the zip into your Mods Directory.
Config File Settings:
You can change the block ids.

Author: Dawars

Minecraft Mods

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