Minecraft Mental Pixel Pack 1.7

The Mental Pixel Packis "The New Look of Minecraft!" We created this pack as an extension to the default look of Minecraft. We wanted to be able to keep the unique Minecraft pixel look, but to also add-in some changes (e.g. hd, grass, neon wool, glass, water, etc.). We also add animation to the pack for many items.

Latest Update
New 1.7 Blocks/Items
Clear Inventories
New White HUD
Smooth Menu/Pause Buttons
Multi Color Redstone Lamp
New Water
Digital Clocks
Full Grass Block
Full Snow Block
New Beacon
New NEON Wool
New Environments
New Mojang Logo
Hundreds of Animated Items
Additional Details
Connected Textures
(Sandstone, Stone, Bookshelves, Cobblestone)
Animals Eyes Blink
Jukeboxes Stop When Inactive
Better Grass
More Mob Colors
MCpatcher will be back in the next update!

Credits: Siemer35

Version: Minecraft 1.7.2

Resolution: 64x64

The Mental Pixel Pack v2.3.9
Minecraft Texture Packs:  Mental Pixel Pack_ANIMATED_MC 1.7

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