Texture Packs Poolcraft 1.6.4

Deadpool to the max. Diamond armor deadpool marvel now, leather deadpool meat suit, Chain weapon X suit, Iron uncanny x-force suit, and gold x-men suit.
Skeleton changed to Dark Reign Hawkeye
Creeper With Deadpool Mask
Wither Skeleton Taskmaster
Enderman Slayback
Iron Golem T-ray
Red items have been changed to deadpool symbol
Wolf is changed to duece, Tamed Wolf Dogpool, Angry Wolf Duece
Book is a deadpool comic book
Character is deadpool steve unmasked
Bow is a Rifle
Arrow is a rocket
Axes are Battle Axes
Swords are Katanas
Ores are enhanced
Wools are different faces
Gold are gold pirate coins
TNT is C4
(Armor not finished yet)
* when I got into my world and chose the texture pack it didn't change anything ?
* Its a resource pack not a texturepack that may be the reason or you didn't put it into the folder for texture/resource packs.
Game Version: Minecraft 1.6.4
Resolution: 16x16
Credits: Deadpoolboss

Minecraft Texture Packs Poolcraft 1.6.4/16x

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