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Charlotte Pack by Uziush
Uzi's Charlotte Pack is a standard 16x16, fast working Texture Pack, ideal for slower machines and minds full of big projects.
This Texture Pack was made as a coherent and consistent alternative for the default TP found in Minecraft. It can be mostly seen through the recurring motif in blocks such as stone, sandstone, dirt, obsidian, bedrock, netherack and glowstone. The grass, leaves and water don't change color from biome to biome on purpose - you won't suffer from inconsistent or annoying behavior of vegetation in large builds covering jungles, deserts, taigas etc.
Charlotte Pack by Uziush
v1.1.5d (Maintenance Update)
- Redone the white wool block texture
- Redone the light blue wool block texture
- Redone the blue wool block texture
- Redone the yellow wool block texture
- Redone the orange wool block texture
v1.1.5c (Maintenance Update)*
- Redone the redstone block texture
- Redone the lapis block texture
v.1.1.5b (Maintenance Update)
- Added the full chainmail armor set to wear!
- Redone the glass texture
- Corrected untranslated words from the last Polish changelog
v1.1.5 (The Third Armor Update)
- Added chainmail helmet texture (Item)
- Added chainmail chestplate texture (Item)
- Added chainmail leggings texture (Item)
- Added chainmail boots texture (Item)
- Redone the birch log texture (It's much brighter now)
- Added 5 new splashes! (Currently: 170 lines)
v1.1.4c (Maintenance Update)
- Redone the gold block texture
- Redone the iron block texture
- Redone the coal block texture
- Redone the side of the mycelium block texture
v1.1.4b (Maintenance Update)
- Added the full golden armor set to wear!
v1.1.4 (The Second Armor Update)
- Added golden helmet texture (Item)
- Added golden chestplate texture (Item)
- Added golden leggings texture (Item)
- Added golden boots texture (Item)
- Redone iron helmet texture (Item)
- Redone iron chestplate texture (Item)
- Redone iron leggings texture (Item)
- Redone iron boots texture (Item)
- All above mentioned parts of iron armor have better shading (items)
- Added 5 new splashes! (Currently: 165 lines)
v1.1.3c (Maintenance Update)
- Redone dirt texture
- Redone grassy dirt texture (and the overlay)
- Redone snowy dirt texture
- Added the full iron armor set to wear!
v1.1.3b (Maintenance Update)
- Changed the dead bush texture
- Changed the snow texture
- Changed the dirt with snow texture
v.1.1.3 (The First Armor Update)
- Added iron helmet texture (Item)
- Added iron chestplate texture (Item)
- Added iron leggings texture (Item)
- Added iron boots texture (Item)
- Added 10 new splashes! (Currently: 160 lines)
v.1.1.2c (Maintenance Update)
- Redone the glod block texture
- New txture of gloden nugget
- Added nametag texture
v1.1.2b (Maintenance Update)
- A Polish version of the changelog is now included in the Resource Pack's .zip file
- Corrected formatting errors in the English changelog
- Added 20 new splashes! (Currently: 150 lines)
- Slightly changed the text in the readme_EN.txt and readme_PL.txt files
v1.1.2 (The Colorful Clay Update)
- Added colored clay blocks (All colors)
v1.1.1c (Maintenance Update)
- Changed all quartz blocks
- The quartz is no longer in an intensive, green color. It appears more universal and suits the pack better
v1.1.1b (Maintenance Update)
- Added clay block texture
- Added clay ball texture
- Added hardened clay texture
- Changed the motif on the chiseled stone and sandstone blocks (The new motif will be seen more often in future updates)
v1.1.1 (The Wooly Panorama Update)
- New Panorama in main screen background
- Small changes in the game logo (added the name of the Resource Pack)
- Added 20 new splashes! (Currently: 130 lines)
- Redone the wool block texture (all colors)
v1.1.0c (Maintenance Update)
- Added sun texture
- Slightly changed the bookshelf texture
- Redone empty bucket texture
- Redone lava bucket texture
- Redone water bucket texture
- Redone milk bucket texture
v1.1.0b (Maintenance Update)
- Added 10 new splashes! (Currently: 110 lines)
- Redone the dandelion texture
- Redone the rose texture
- Redone the tall grass texture
- Redone the oak sapling texture
v.1.1.0 (The Splashy Resource Update!)
- Charlotte Pack is now in resource pack format
- Added custom splashes! (Currently: 100 lines)
- Changed the menu background (It's much brighter now)
- A new Minecraft logo in the main menu
- Redone the bedrock texture
- Added coal block texture (old bedrock texture was more apropriate)
- Added charcoal texture (item)
- Added the horse/mule gui, consistent with the rest of the pack
- Added lead texture
- Added hay bale texture
- Changes in water and lava animations forced by the new resource pack format
- This Changelog is now included in Charlotte Pack's .zip file (English version)
- Added bottle o' enchanting texture
- Added sugar cane texture (item)
- Changed the existing sugar cane texture (block)
- Added nether star texture (matches the beacon block from 1.0.8b)
- Added bat texture!
v1.0.8b (Maintenance Update)
- Added mooshroom cow texture
- Better birch wood log texture
- Adjusted the top log texture
- Slightly adjusted the coal ore texture
- Changes in torch texture
- Slight changes in redstone torch (on and off state)
- Updated the beacon block texture
v.1.0.8 (The End is a Lie Update)
- Added cake texture (block)
- Added cake texture (item)
- Added endstone block texture
- Added whole end portal frame texture
- Added eye of ender block texture (for the end portal frame)
- Added tripwire texture (block)
- Added pumpkin pie texture (item)
- Added cow texture
- Changed the jungle wood log texture
- Minor change in survival inventory gui (fixed the frame around the player)
- The Changelog is now available on this page
v.1.0.7b (Maintenance Update)
- Added cocoa textures (all 3 growth stages)
- Redone the pumpkin texture
- Redone jack-o-lantern texture
- Added farmland texture (dry and wet)
- Redone brick texture (block now better matches with other types of brick textures)
- Redone jungle wood planks texture (less aggressive color, better contrast)
- Redone birch wood planks texture (better contrast)
v.1.0.7 (The "Świnioki" Update)
- Added pig texture
- Added zombie pigman texture
- Added saddle texture
- Added saddle texture (item)
- Added straight and bent stem texture (check out the new color!)
- Added wolf collar texture
- Added potatoe texture
- Added poisonous potatoe texture
- Added baked potatoe texture
- Redone diamond block texture
- Added firework star texture and overlay
- Redone the overlay for the spawn eggs
- Redone transparent leaves texture (oak, birch and jungle)
- Redone opaque leaves texture (oak, birch and jungle)
v.1.0.6b (Maintenance Update)
- Changed the emerald ore texture (now matches the emerald from v1.0.6)
- Changed the emerald block texture (now matches the emerald from v1.0.6)
- Slightly changed the emerald texture (item)
- New particles for firework rockets
- Added sheep texture!
v1.0.6 (The Sparkling Wooden Chicken Update)
- Added all records textures
- Added spawn eggs textures
- Added emerald texture (item)
- Added firework rocket texture
- Added blaze rod texture
- Added blaze powder texture
- Added eye of ender texture
- Added chicken texture (mob)
- Slightly changed the glass block and pane
- Slightly changed the oak wood plank block
- Slightly changed the birch wood plank block
- Slightly changed the wooden door texture (block and item)
- Slightly changed the trap door texture
- Slightly changed the sign texture (block)
- Slightly changed the boat texture (block)
v1.0.5 (Yet Another Little Mob Update)
- Added villager zombie texture
- Added cave spider texture
- Added enderman texture
- Added enderpearl texture (item)
- Added squid texture
- Added slime texture
- Added snowman texture
- Added skeleton head texture (item)
- Added wither skeleton head texture (item)
- Added zombie head texture (item)
- Added creeper head texture (item)
- Added monster spawner texture
- Redone particles
- Slightly changed the brewing stand texture (block)
v1.0.4 (Internal version)
- Only for testing on the author's LAN
v1.0.3 (Little Mob Update)
- Added skeleton texture
- Added whiter skeleton texture
- Added creeper texture
- Added zombie texture
- Added spider texture
v1.0.2 (Internal version)
- Only for testing on the author's LAN
v1.0.1 (RELEASE ME Update!)
- Official Release Version!
- First internal version considered complete enough for release
Charlotte Pack by Uziush (Resource Pack)
Current version: v1.1.5d
Authors: Uziush
Download Charlotte_Pack_by_Uziush_v1.1.5d.zip/1.6.2
Download Charlotte_Pack_by_Uziush_v1.1.0.zip/1.6.1
Download Charlotte_Pack_by_Uziush_v1.0.8c.zip/1.5.2

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