Cubes Survival Map Minecraft 1.5.2

Map weird and wonderful to bring that Minecraft is feeling the farm's other creative map into a larger space and preservation other biomes well encased in glass. Do you like weird and implementation Minecraft map that really push the boundaries and give you a sense of magic in his creations? Have you ever wanted to survive in an environment such as strange and alien, a glass block of the earth is preserved as you make your way through (and even more strange shapes floating in the endless void of space)? You are lucky, living blocks.

Quite the sight to behold as it is not like a lot of things you may have seen in your Minecraft adventures you and its really well done and spectacular even just have a look around! There are three different maps within, single volume, more volume with cubes floating in space that you can travel between and even PVP map for a truly unique experience and as your deadly enemy existed side. The mass strange and wonderful life Minecraft Map bring that feeling is the creator of the farm is another map in a larger space and preservation other biomes well encased in glass.

Key Features
Preserving the beautiful earth that looks like it has been picked directly from Minecraft landscape and put into a glass container
Great adventures await live in a smart maps and entertainment
Three different modes to choose from for a replay factor
Block Minecraft 1.6.1 Changelog live map
Update the latest version of Minecraft.
New shapes.
PVP block has been removed.
Fixed spawn. (And the reset button to move to the actual spawn)
How to install Minecraft 1.6.1 Map block life
Go to Start Menu, type% appdata% and look. Minecraft
Navigate to the "Minecraft." Your folder and locate Savings
Download the zip file for this map
Unzip the file and place the folder in the folder Saves
Run Minecraft and select the map file you downloaded and ready to play

Download  Cubes Survival Map Minecraft 1.5.2

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