Colorful Armor Mod

Colorful Armor - Minecraft mod makes chain, iron, gold, and diamond armor customizable. To change the color of a piece of armor, just place the piece and the dye of your choice in the crafting table. All of the dyes in the game work. Different types of base armor(Chain, Iron, Gold, Diamond) create different variations of the colors so even more customization is available. Sponges are also now craftable and used to clean the dyes from the armor. All recipes are shapeless. Dyed armor has its own creative tab now to cut down on clutter.
To install:
+Install Forge
+run Minecraft once
+Put Colorful Armor zip into mods folder(DO NOT EXTRACT)
+updated to 1.6
Project Manager: McElhinneyJ
Supports: 1.6.1
Updated 11/7/2013
Newest File: Colorful Armor 1.5

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