Ashes Map 1.5.2

Your only hope is to find the sixteen core disguised as wool, hidden in and around the island. The core will help unlock the safe haven beneath Monument. Are you ready to play 'From the Ashes'? from the Ashes From the Ashes "is an open world map CTM.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in danger. You survived massacre nuclear brave ocean sailing, but now everything takes a turn for the worst and fate has left you stranded on the island Monument. You are alone in a new environment, aliens.

establishes itself with a large open environment, which means you can play and explore the map you want! Sixteen main tunnel with the deadly trap set can be found around the island. Specialist robbery can be found around the islands: (Kicker Chuck, Bozar Gun, Sonic Blaster, Polish Vodka) mobs nicely placed around the monument and a custom texture pack is recommended to play Better!

The notes many magazine stories and helping to create a mesmerizing storyline that is a pleasure to be a part of!

This map also contains random loot, 1.5.2 and 1.6 of 10-20 features and powerful game! Pros: This map is fully updated for Minecraft 1.5, and so many new features and fuctions! Many of them can be found in many caves and caverns around Monument!

This map is available to install the player multiple servers and single player client! 10-20 hours of play means that you can enjoy this map for the whole week! Cons: Sometimes can map a little bit too dark. So make sure you have your brightness turned up full!

Remember to change this map is not public! The setting for this map is very simple. Download the latest version of the map for Minecraft 1.5 Drag and drop files. Zip / jar files into the folder "saves" of your Minecraft.jar

Download From the Ashes Map  1.5.2

Download From the Ashes Map  1.5.1

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